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Our interactive audio/visual Learning Lounge will help you learn a foreign language.As seen above, you can learn any language of your choice.Such variation is important as it has consequences for the rate and direction of sexual selection (Turner & Burrows 1995). In contrast, variation in preference between individuals is less well studied.

If you want verbs, there are over 350 verbs to help you with your language study. We put up new free content every week to help you with your language-learning goals.

Variation in preference among individuals can also be used to investigate the mechanisms underlying preference by measuring associations with other traits (e.g. However, extrapolation of such findings to the level of the individual can prove misleading, as individual preferences may differ widely in shape or form (Wagner et al. Selection may generate adaptive variation in individual preference if a female benefits from having preferences different from the population mean, for instance when the optimal strength of preference is dependent on the context of mate choice or the qualities of potential mates (Qvarnström 2001; Badyaev & Qvarnström 2002).

In addition, selection can generate variance via the quality of the choser, if, for example, function preferences or choosiness are condition-dependent (Tomlinson & O’Donald 1996; Fawcett & Johnstone 2003).

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