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Instant messenger online dating

We’ve analysed all the comments, and come up with this list of 10 messaging sins you absolutely shouldn’t commit when communicating with a match.

Of all the responses we had, over 40% said that bad spelling and grammar were a real turn off.

” Intrigued and inspired, I zapped over a series of increasingly suggestive feng shui suggestions, and when I didn’t hear back I realized “My furniture is having sex!If that’s you, we suggest you compose your messages in a program like Microsoft Word, which should help you correct most of the errors you make.Text speak also got a huge thumbs down from our users.“What you write can be saved and may end up being read by others, intentionally or unintentionally,” Zalmanek says.“Plus, if you send a sexy note to your beloved at the office, you never know who might walk in and casually observe what you thought was for his or her eyes only.” Never mind the fact that when you’re at work you’re being paid to, well, work—not to flirt on the Internet with your sweetie.

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” was just her placeholder, I’m-away-right-now message.

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