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Fearlessdating net

Sometimes, though, it's hard to tell if a guy is ghosting you, or if his excuses not to hang out are actually legit.

So I asked the Professional Wingman and creator of Fearless Dating, Thomas Edwards, for some clues as to how to spot the difference.

I shop, I travel, I read comics, I love museums, I live in the moment and I laugh every chance I get... My style is Audrey Hepburn meets 80's hip hop meets sparkle.

I love color, prints, sequin, metallics, denim, leather, lace, bomber jackets, retro sneakers and hoop earrings.

My life felt like an ongoing version of Groundhog Day this year. You have a history with this man and sometimes those emotions can mess with your judgment BIG TIME. This is what God gave me a refresher course on this year and what I tell myself on a daily basis: - Never settle. And it's okay to want to have kids and get married in your 40's. Now some of you may be thinking I am over-sharing and asking, why would I tell my business like this? And if I keep trying and not giving up, I hope this will inspire you to do the same.

Girl, you are so amazing and have so much to offer the right man. If he is not making an effort to see you, talk to you, be loyal to you and just accept you and love you for who you are, NEXT! It's your life and you can live it any way you choose. Side note: I find that I feel so pressured to give a dude a chance when I feel like time is running out and I am obsessing about my age and fertile window closing as we speak. It makes me look like a woman who has had a bad relationship track record, can't find a good man and needs to work on herself. But as my dad used to always tell me, what matters is that you try. So I am sharing this because there has to be at least one person out there who gets it.

I know women say they cut off a man completely once it's over. I have a few exes that I hope I never see ever again and if I do, I'm crossing the street QUICK and hiding my face behind my purse, headphones on blast. I have some exes where I "used" to think the breakup wasn't bad enough for a cut-off.

Sometimes we are forced to repeat the same scenarios to learn the lesson and not make the same mistakes. Some days will be harder than others but keep trying. So treat yourself to that pair of shoes on sale or that red lipstick you keep saying you're going to buy.

This year in particular, we're in October with almost 3 months left in the year and already, 3 exes have returned. I rediscovered myself again, which is always a great thing because sometimes stuff happens that makes you forget about the big picture. Or go to see that new Denzel movie or go for a walk on the boardwalk and people watch. And honestly, I need to focus on my career right now.

I often wondered why but it didn't hit home for me until the 3rd one came and is now gone. Even the most confident, self-assured woman can fall into the Ex trap. Losing my brother four months ago set me back emotionally and despite it hurting on all kinds of levels, death is something we cannot avoid. Doesn't mean dealing with it is easy but we have to deal with it in order to live. Making yourself happy builds your love for yourself. - Always keep it real with yourself, no matter how much the truth hurts. I need to get back on my hustle flow and not be concerned about men. And sometimes it's okay to admit that energy is low and some conservation is needed.

I'm at a point in my life where I want to explore life and change the world the way I am meant to and part of that is exploring my style and dealing with the limits I have put on myself because of what was told to me was flattering and such.

I believe we all have a purpose in this world but when you limit yourself in any way, you are not fulfilling that purpose fully. I have flat feet so heels are not comfortable for me.

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