Dating a letter of resignation

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Dating a letter of resignation

Leave your contact details in case anyone needs to get in touch with you and send a copy of the finished letter to both your supervisor and the head of the company’s human resources department.

Sample Once you have decided on the date your resignation will come into effect, follow this example to compose a successful letter.

It is best to give at least two weeks’ notice of resignation, if possible.

You may also wish to make assurances of efficient transfer of responsibility as well as expressing your regrets.

Format and Content The purpose of your letter will be to clearly communicate your last day of work.

The most professional and cordial effective date resignation letter format will include a brief explanation of your intentions, with your last day of work clearly stated.

In response, different arrangements may be made or agreed, such as an earlier effective date, or improved terms and conditions of appointment upon withdrawal of the letter.

You want to resign gracefully and avoid burning any bridges in the business world, so this is the most professional course of action.

Here is a guide to writing your letter effectively and properly.

My contact details are; mobile no-9822774927, [email protected]

I wish my colleagues and this organization a bright and prosperous future.

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The employee uses this opportunity to thank co-workers and seniors for all their support and wishes them a bright future.

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