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IR was lost in a thunderstorm last week, and now the camera stream is down (went out Saturday morning).We're thinking that it might be an issue with the router (since we can't log in to a network attached storage device at the Visitor's Center.It is very possible, and would explain her continued occupation of that end of the ledge. In preparation for a possible very late Falconwatch, we will be holding a VOLUNTEERS MEETING on Monday, June 19.Anyone who has offered to help out this year will be contacted with details. If you would like to help out please be sure to let us know by e-mail. This image of Lily removing a shell from the nest would seem to suggest that one has indeed hatched!Panthers star Cam Newton says he’s retiring the dab I’ve never been in love with excessive in-game celebrations, but that’s long been part of Cam Newton’s DNA.

However close you may come to feel to these raptors, it is important to remember that they are wild birds of prey, protected by numerous state and federal laws from interventions by humans.

The outpouring of love for the late Muhammad Ali should help serve as a reminder that in the end, society heralds athletes who are unabashedly themselves, and don’t bend to criticism.

That in the end, always being who you are, being authentic, and not apologizing for it, will win out.

Red-tailed Hawks have evolved over millions of years to cope with all manner of variables when it comes to raising their young.

Nevertheless, should the adult hawks or eyasses encounter a natural problem in the nest, NYU’s position is to let nature take its course over immediate human intervention.

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